2018 US memory championship


Anyone know any of the results from today’s competition? I can’t find any info.

(Ben Pridmore) #2

I’ve been looking for it too - according to their posts on Facebook Nelson Dellis came first and Tracy Miller seventh; they and the other six qualifiers will go and contest the grand final in July. I’m sure the results from today will be on the website before long… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that on Nelson’s FB page. No offense to Nelson but I’m assuming Alex Mullen didn’t compete this year.

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. John Graham
  3. Livan Grijalva
  4. Ron White
  5. Avi Chavda
  6. Claire Wang
  7. me
  8. Kyle Matschke
  9. Matthew Wilson

The nine of us plus 4 (I think) of the high school students, will be headed to the finals at MIT on 07/14/18.

Nelson was in top form, improving his USA record with Names and Faces from 201 to 217. He also had the top score among the adult mental athletes in the Poetry event and Speed Numbers. Livan had the top Speed Cards score with 54 seconds.


Congratulations to John Graham, the 2018 USA Memory Champion. In the final event, the Double Deck O’ Cards, he successfully recalled all 104 cards, besting 2nd place Avi Chavda and 3rd place Claire Wang.


is USA memory competition available for asians?


I think it’s open to USA citizens, regardless of ethnicity. I think non-USA citizens can participate, they just won’t be ranked or allowed to advance to the finals. I think. You may want to check out http://www.usamemorychampionship.com.


The USA Memory Championship’s official website now has a detailed write-up of the event, if you’re interested: