2018 IAM World Memory Championship

I see some preliminary results are online for the IAM World Memory Championship taking place in Vienna this weekend, at


It looks like Katie has a new world record in 15 minute names, and Yanjaa has a new world record in 5 minute images, with Sylvain leading overall after the first 4 disciplines. Great stuff!


Are there any definite results, yet?
Who won? :smiley:

Johannes Mallow won.


Screenshots of all the results have been posted on Facebook this morning:

Top 10:

  1. Johannes Mallow
  2. Yanjaa Wintersoul
  3. Sylvain Estadieu
  4. Christian Schäfer
  5. John Graham
  6. Boris Konrad
  7. Marlo Knight
  8. Katie Kermode
  9. Norbert Reulke
  10. Martin Nilsson

As Simon O. mentioned, Katie set a World Record by memorizing 224 Names in 15 min, and Yanjaa memorized 413 Images in 5 min for another World Record. :slight_smile:


I have a question about world records. It seems to me that a true “world record” would be one person performing a standardized event faster or scoring more points than anyone else in human history. If the event is standardized and strict procedures are followed it should not matter at which event the record was broken or set.

My question is how is the IAM and the other memory organization handling world records. Does anyone know if the Guinness World Record organization has set standards and rules for memory events such as speed cards and numbers? I know the image event is relatively new so that record is probably managed by the IAM but other memory events have been around for decades. Does anyone have inside information on this subject? Thanks