2018 Australian Memory Championship

(Simon Orton) #1

Does anyone have any news about the Australian Memory Championships last weekend?

(Jerrin Bailey) #2

Hi Simon, I’m a big fan and a competitor at this year’s event, where I came third. The Open event was won by Motoro Ohno from Japan, and the Australian Champion title was won by Zeshaan Khokhar. There were 5 national records set at this year’s comp, 3 of which I now hold. IIRC they are as follows:

5m Images: 324, set by Zeshaan Khokhar
5m Numbers: 177, set by Kathy Lang
5m Binary: 475
15m Numbers: 322
Speed Cards: 54.146s

I’m sure Anastasia would’ve broken a record or two if she’d been there, but she was too unwell to attend. Anything else you’d like to know?


Here are the results :slight_smile:


(Simon Orton) #4

Thanks, @JerrinBailey and @Sylle!

Looks like it was a great competition - congrats to everyone and nice work Jerrin on the sub-60 speed cards in your first competition!

(Jerrin Bailey) #5

Thanks Simon, the main reason I went was so I could get the first Aussie time under a minute. Just in time too! Zeshaan nearly got a 55s result.

(Simon Orton) #6

Sorry, to answer your previous question - I would definitely like to compete again. Maybe next year!