20 from the Netherlands, not yet verified autistic savant

I am new on this forum. I found this place and Memory League through a comment on Quora. I was searching wether or not Elon Musk had an eidetic memory. One of the answers said that photographic memory has yet to be documented and that it might not exist at all. It also said that if you believed you had a photographic memory that you should go to www.memoryleague.com and test it there, so I did that.
Not because I believe I have a photographic memory but because I have an unusual memory and wanted to test it out once again.
I have a gift for numbers. I can do large calculations in my head and memorize numbers really fast but what makes this exceptional is that I don’t use any techniques and I also don’t practice. I suspect that I might be a savant because I am also autistic. I can multiply a 5 digit number by another 5 digit number in my head but I don’t know if I had a nice day today. I really started to think I might be a savant was after I found out I store dates in my head after seeing them once. I knew the release year of movies I hadn’t seen in years or even had seen them as a child. It turned out that I knew the release year of every movie I have ever seen (350+ movies) without ever memorizing any of it.

I hope to explore my gifts a bit more in here, I look forward to the challenges:)


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen it yet, we also have a mental calculation section.


Welcome :slight_smile:

What you describe sounds very interesting. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions about it :smiley:

When you don’t use any techniques, how does it look when you recall the numbers? Do you see them or in what other way can you remember them? Is there any structure to the numbers you remember?
For example when you memorize the 80 digits on Memory League, how do you know which numbers are in which place? :slight_smile:


Well, it is hard to describe. I haven’t figured out how my memory exactly works.
One thing for sure is that I see all the numbers in my head and I just feel them too. When I try to memorize, i.e. a 30 digit number, I speak the digits out loud once in random chunks. Apparently I store certain numbers better than others. for example; 382658229236423781646. I would read that as 3826, 58, 229,236,42,37,816,46. Recently I read that synesthetic memory might be like a built-in mnemonic device. Most people have to learn mnemonic devices. Remembering the order is the easy part. The hard part is adjusting to random number sequences, I often have to wait for my mind to feel the right chunks before I say them out loud which takes time.


Have you tried using a mnemonic system for numbers like the Major System yet or are you only using your chunking method?


I only use my chunking method. I used a technique once for 2 weeks, to memorize pi to 100 digits. The technique worked by converting numbers into images. I stopped using it because I felt like I didn’t need it and I was right. My intuitive feelings for numbers was much more versatile than any mnemonic system and it still is. Two days ago I discovered that my chunking method also works for random symbols. I came across this website where you had to memorize 100 symbols and then guess the location of the symbol that appeared in the screen. I only needed to look at each symbol once and say what it’s shape looked like and it stuck in my mind. Here is a link to the website: http://www.iqtutors.com.au/photographic-memory-test.php


Interesting :smiley: Thank you for your descriptions.

So you kind of naturally (seems like almost effortlessly) use chunking to memorize. How long does it take you to memorize 80 digits like this?

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I don’t know yet, haha. I just started on this website and I used all my daily trials so I can’t reach level 10 for now. I would say that 80 digits would probably take 0 to 2 minutes. It depends on my day. I have good days where I can see the numbers clearly and they flow into my mind like water and I have bad days when my mind is just not up to it; a simple 4 by 4 digit multiplication could take me 2 minutes to calculate on such days. An example of a good day was when I calculated a 4 by 4 digit multiplication in 15 seconds. I also sort of get rusty if I don’t do anything concerning calculations but I still maintain my abilities.


Very interesting. Keep us updated of your progress. If you add some mnemonic systems, you might place very well in memory competitions. :slight_smile:

(You can see current top scores by clicking on usernames on the leaderboard.)

If you want to try more tests, there is a symbol memorization game and other memory training tests.


Thanks but I try not to use any mnemonic system. I want to stay as natural as I can be, I like that my gifts are innate and not a product of work. It gives me a special perspective on things and I can use myself as an example. I don’t like frauds and cheaters and there are a lot of those in the world of memory and calculations. They claim to be a natural human calculators or that they have an eidetic memory when they are just a result of practicing a lot of techniques. Which creates this scepticism towards people who are truly gifted. I want to get rid off that doubt by being an example :slightly_smiling_face:


Здравейте.Моето момче,което е на 8 год,също има такава памет.Това е уникално.Можеше да каже ден от седмицата,дата,от и след 3 год,още когато беше на 6 год.Сега прави бързи психически изчисления.Наесен отива в Германия на световното…

Is the zero a typo or are you saying that you think you could visually imprint the screenful of 80 numbers in your mind from just a glance?

Has he tried Memory League? There are several games there, including one with number memorization. I’d be interested to see how he does. :slight_smile:

1 to 2 minutes**
I wish I could remember them after a single glance, I can only do that for 10 to 14 digits or so. After 14 I have to say them out loud and after 20 I might need to repeat a few digits to print it better into my mind. Depends on the numbers of course, this isn’t always the case.


i think it is a blessing anyways to have a great memory . agree that false proclamations makes someone with talent and passion and with gifts upset . but your gift is yours for a reason no matter what the world think use don’t abuse it . skeptics is normally negative people , don’t let that negativity become yours by giving their skepticism even a thought. bless you brother .


Welcome to the forum, you have an interesting story!

May I ask if you believe there were any events in your early childhood development that could have resulted in your memory gift? I remember reading that Daniel Tammet suffered epileptic seizures as a young child, possibly contributing to a rewiring of his brain to have an extraordinary memory.

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No, I don’t have any memories of brain-altering events as a child. I have always been this way.

I remember that at the age of 4 I could count to 100+ in portuguese and after realizing that if I can count to 200 then I can also count to a 1000, I stopped. The first thing the teachers from elementary school noticed were my arithmetic skills.

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That’s incredible :smiley:

How did you become aware of the fact that you knew 350+ dates? Did someone ask you if you knew a date, and you suddenly realized that you knew hundreds of dates?

And where did you actually SEE the dates? I would probably look in Wikipedia. But that would be a deliberate act on my part. I’m sure you didn’t look up Wikipedia 350+ times :smile:

It sort of started in high school. I was very good in history, I often only needed to read a chapter once and the dates remained in my head the whole week with the context. This created some suspicion on my part.

When I discovered Netflix I started to watch a lot of movies. When you click on a movie, you see its release year right above the summary of the movie (if you search a movie on google, you also see its release date on the same page).

Every now and then I would think of a movie I’ve seen and the release year would pop up in my mind, even with movies I had only seen once when I was very young, like Kungfu Panda, Cars or Shrek. I didn’t think much of it then. Years later, after I learned how odd my mental calculation skills are and reading about autistics savants, I started to think back of high school and history and I realized the same thing was going on with movies. So I tested myself.

Everything I’ve seen on Netflix I add to my Netflix account list. I began guessing the dates. I would look at the picture of a movie in my list and guess its release year before checking. The first 10 I was right, this is alright, I thought. The first 20 went by and I became a bit nervous, I hadn’t made a mistake yet. After the first 50 or so I really became nervous, I have been correct this whole time. I arrived at the last movie of my list and my mind was blown. I knew the release year of 100+ movies I had seen on Netflix. I checked my playstore account because I also had movies there and those I knew too. I decided to make a list, I looked up and wrote down every movie I have ever seen, from childhood up until that moment. The list became 330+ movies long and I knew almost every single on of them. A few I didn’t know, I guess I never saw their release dates but now I do. Now every time I watch a movie, I add it to the list which is now 350+ movies long.

This is the whole story:)

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I forgot to add that I also store dates of songs but I think I only know a few dozens of them because I almost never saw their release years. I didn’t look them up on google and I only know the release year of some songs because I listened to them during my childhood when they came out, like “pokerface”, “boom boom pow”, “I got a feeling” and “beggin”. I was 9 when “beggin” from madcon came out.