2 weeks until my exams starts, need advice

Salutations to whom ever is reading this,

I’ve been a lurker here on AoM for quite some time now. Though sadly enough I’ve never truly taken these skills and used them for my own studying. I’m still a student and my exams are starting in 2 weeks time.The subjects which I take at school are the following: English; Geography; History; Business Studies; AP English; Mathematics

I would please like your critic and help with how I should start to begin creating memory palaces, mnemonics, PAO for these subjects. Generally for each individual subject there are certain things which I’d like to recall/remember:

English - Poems, Grammer, Taming of the Shrew(a setwork we’re currently doing)

Geography- The whole Climatology section in my textbook

History - Dutch Colonialism in South Africa ; The rise of the Zulu nation

Business Studies - ( It’s literally all my terms work, I won’t list it all) Business environments, Forms of ownership, Socio-Economic Issues etc

AP English - Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Mathematics - Formulas and such

As you can see above it’s quite a lot memory palaces, mnemonics and etc to make. Nevertheless, that is exactly what I plan to do in the next 2 weeks! I’m quite optimistic about what I am capable of doing and I’m very determined to achieve this. I’d just like advice with where I should begin ^~^

I already have a set of houses I know I’ll use. I was thinking that my memory palaces could be all linked, though I thought that would be confusing. I made some Pinterest boards of people whom I can place in my memory palace. For example I’d have one of my favorite Russian poets Sergei Yesenin doing something as a reminder for the English poems I’ll have to remember. I’ve heard Anthony Metivier say it’s a good idea to draw out your memory palaces, I don’t know whether I should do that. I’m also aware of Lynne Kelly’s memory techniques. I don’t know whether I should use the Shaper System method for memorizing numbers for my Math formulas or the Dominic System ( this one confuses me though).

I feel overwhelmed by all the different approaches I could take in doing this, I don’t know where to begin. Please help me.

By the way, all my exams are on different dates so more or less for some subjects I have a month or more to do this. I know and understand all my work, I’d just like to put it into a memory palace so I won’t forget at all.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, let me know of your advice.

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Good luck, take your time to start revision. :flushed:

Yes indeed I have started revision for my exams a few weeks back. I just don’t know where to start for the memory palaces.

Take out your homework and exercises, and do it again. If you find anywhere doubtful. Find the answer from textbook, if answers could not be find, search on the internet and ultimately ask your tutor/ teacher. → the basic steps to obtain a pass in exams. :sweat_smile:


I would use memory palace for only the bits that you have problems ramming into your head. With these memory techniques, there always is a slight delay where your mind takes time to decode the images you have put. Like, in maths, sin, cos, tan formulae. Or the exact values of sin(30°) (if your exam requires you to remember that it is precisely 1/2).

Basically go through exam questions and see what sort of stuff you have problems remembering. Like if you keep forgetting important quotes from Taming of the Shrew, just use memory palace to ram them in.

I would also take some time to take stock of what locations you could use as memory palaces e.g. your house, other people’s houses, your school, the streets around your area etc.


You need to focus on one aspect of memory techniques and try that because you have so many subjects you want to apply techniques too. You might need to focus on one subject first then move on to the next one because trying to do all the subjects at once can cause problems.