2 v 2 Online Team Competition On Memory League!

Lets make this Saturday weekend great with Memory League Team competition!
2:00 pm GMT +2 27th November
11:59 am GMT 27th November

With no more upcoming World Tour events, there seems to be more quiet in the air. And, long time since 2 v 2 were held last time.

This Team Competition will look different from the last one, instead of Team Scores, the team with most games won Wins.

This will be a best of 5 total games for each round.

On the Finals it will be best of 2 Sets

For the first round Teams will be matched randomly. After that, the performance of each teams decides whom they are going to play against.
This will also depend on how many teams have shown up.

If 4 teams have signed up it would look like this with two groups:
Round 1:
Team (One) vs Team (Two) (A)
Team ( Three) Vs Team ( Four) (B)

Round 2:
Winning Team (A) vs Losing Team (B)
Winning Team (B) vs Losing Team (A)

Untill final round:
Winning vs winning team, Best of 2 sets.
1 sets contain a best of 5 Total Games for a team.

The winner of a 1 Game gives 1 Win-Point.
So, when both players in a team has won, they have 2 Win-Points

When matchups have been selected then,
Each team picks which disciplines they want to play. A picking pool of a total of 7 games. Each Discipline can ONLY be picked 2 times. Names and International-Names counts as same Discipline. Players can only choose what they have in their picking pool. The team decides what games the players shall play. So it is possible for 1 player to play 2 of the same discipline, if they want to.

Then each team announces what Disciplines they have choosen and proceeds to remove 1 of the opponents discipline picks.

After that is done,

  1. Team (1) chooses which player shall play against whom.
    Like: Player A vs Player A. Player B vs Player B.

  2. Then Team (2) chooses discipline.

  3. Then each team has 2 Swaps. Meaning if they don’t like the
    match up, they just shift the Competitiors.

Every other game the Chooser of players and disciplines changes.
(Team (1) Chooses Players)
(Team (2) Chooses Disciplines)

An Example on how this can look like:
Team Lars and Susanne
Team Niklas and Vishvaa

(Team (1) Bans 1 Names from Team (2) )
(Team (2) Bans 1 Cards from Team (1)

First game:
Lars vs Niklas (Niklas chooses Numbers)
Susanne vs Vishvaa ( Vishvaa chooses Words)

Second game:
Vishvaa vs Lars (Lars chooses Numbers)
Niklas vs Susanne (Susanne chooses Numbers)

Third Game:
Susanne vs Vishvaa (Chooses Images)
Lars vs Niklas ( chooses Names)

-This time Lars does not want to play Names vs Niklas, so he decides to shift with Susanne. She is onboard with it, and looks like this:

Actuall Third Game:
Lars vs Vishvaa (Chooses Images)
Susanne vs Niklas ( chooses Names)

Also, feel free to choose a name for your team. It could be a country or whatever you feel fit the best.

My biggest hope with this is to make 2 v 2 an actual Competition format played out. As up until now, all Official Memory League Competitions have been individual based only
(made a deeper post about it here: ML World Tour 2021 almost over- YOUR feedback - #20 by NiklasMoonsun )

Let me hear what you feel about this. And looking forward to see you there! :fire:


Hi,Nik great idea,i would like to play :blush::+1::fire:

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how many are participating ?,
I am in too lol.


:fire: :star_struck:

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Great idea Nik.


Ok nik,what are the teams,is it zoom match or normal rated?,when to start

Hello Yogi! Nice to have you onboard! We are currently 5, and 6 including you :slight_smile:

it will start in 1 and a half hour. Would be great to hear from ya before then! :slight_smile:

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So far:
@TheYogi TheYogi
Are participating!! :slight_smile:

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Do you want to join in, @MrLongbaugh ?

Thanks for the offer Nik, I can’t, but next time.

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Okey cool. It was fun this time, you should come!

Thank you everyone for participating!

Ended up with 3 Teams,
Team (1) Vishvaa and Sven
Team (2) Guillaume and Niklas
Team (3) Mohamed and Yogi

With a very close first match between Team (1) and Team (2) every game ended with a tie, until the final game. Images played for everyone, and that ended with a tie.
Vishvaa did [30 Images in 30:77s] and Yogi [24 Images in 59:17s] Mohamed did [30 Images in 22:80 s] vs Sven achieved [17 Images in 60:00s]. 5-5 ended the match with.

Then came the match between Team (2) and Team (3), where Team (3) crushed Team (2) quickly,
Mohamed [30 Images in 17:95s] and Guillaume [30 Images in 19:45s].
Yogi [26 Images in 52:35s] and Niklas [21 Images in 24:32s]

Final games went like this:
Mohamed [30 Images in 17:70s] and Guillaume [16 Images in 16:97s]
Niklas [71 Numbers in 47:02s] and Yogi [49 Numbers in 32:45s]
This match ended up in a 3-1.

Last game went quicker than expected, Team (1) and Team (2) fought it out and with a close Names match between Guillaume [27 Names in 52:03s] and Vishvaa with [26 in 57:33s], Guillaume managed to take the win for a 4-2!

A short recap and looking forward for the next time!


Thank you @NiklasMoonsun for conducting this event.

It was my first competition, I gained some experience today , looking forward to more team events like this.
It was more fun how the games were selected lol

also , thanks to my team mate, @mohamed22, for participating and winning almost all his matches


Thanks Yogi
It’s pleasure to play with you
Thanks my friend
And Thanks to everyone who take part and organizing this wonderful matches


Thank you @NiklasMoonsun for organizing it, thank you everyone for taking part !

it was a pleasure to compete in ML in another format.

I felt that the rules were a bit complex for such a short event and that we spent more time choosing unrelevant options instead of competing but I still had a great time and would like to see more competitions like this.

I am sure there might be a way to make a team event more balanced. Actually I am thinking that having bigger teams (where the strongest player is standing out less) might be a solution. I am thinking about chess or go team tournaments where you have 4-6 or even more players on a team. You could have each player play against their similar level opponent in two games. Then the overall score would be the overall added result of the teams’ wins.

This makes things really easy for the organizers and also for the players. And it could also be really fast as every team member can play their match at the same time.

Thanks again !


Thank you
For the feedback!

Will arrange another Team event soon!

Would like to try 3v3 and 4v4 and see how that goes! =)