2 million names

We are coming up to 2 million names memorized on Memory League - a short while ago, the figure was 1,970,710.

As usual, the exact number of names memorized is now hidden, and there is a free 12-month subscription for the person who memorizes the 2-millionth name. Good luck!



12 month subscription in WHAT and what are the benefits?

Sorry, the subscription is for Memory League. That allows you to play unlimited games per day.

Ok. Thanks. I did not even know there was an actual limit.

after having 4 months sub , i really want to have 12 months sub but vietnamese names database is pretty awful so ;((

Nani?! 2 million names!

Iā€™m curious, is this only for matches or does training count as well?

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the same question

Sorry for the late reply - yes, the figures include training and head-to-head games.

And the 2-millionth name was memorized by: Ema, in a training trial. Congratulations Ema!

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