2-1-2 PAO system for cards

Saw a comment made years ago by Nelson Dellis (@climbformemory ) on his youtube page about how he uses a 2-1-1 PAO system for memorizing cards and that he was thinking of expanding it into a 2-1-2 system.
As in, 2704 distinct people, 52 actions and 2704 objects so that every 5 cards form a unique compound image. Or maybe i am misunderstanding what Nelson means by this?
Ive never heard of anyone using such a huge system like this (over 5000 images for cards) and couldn’t find any information about it on this forum or anywhere else online.
Does any one know any details about such a system or of any other mental athletes using this?


Hey! Figured I should respond to this.

I still use my 2-1-1 system and love it. Haven’t had the time to expand and commit to 2-1-2 yet but I have it set up.

I don’t do a traditional 2 card collection of images.

Since I have 1000 persons and 1000 objects for my number system. Every card pair that is a set of numbers is read as a 3 digit number (including a number that is represented by the suit pair).

This doesn’t cover all possibilities though, since there are 16 possible suit pairs, only 10 of them can represent a digit 0-9. The other 6 I just use some kind of state modifier of the image.

Also, this doesn’t cover the pairs of card values that included J,Q,K. For those, I’ve come up with new images.

There are a lot of complexities there, but if you’re interested I can make a video about it (more in depth).


Thanks for responding! A video explanation would be incredible if you are willing, im sure many of your viewers would be interested in how this works… only if you get the time though, I know you’re a busy man :grinning:

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