1st or 3rd person interaction in memory palaces?

Hi all,

I have recently been wondering what the best way is to visualize imagines in my memory palaces. I think that for the majority of the time I have been using memory palaces, I have been using them in first-person meaning that I mostly just watch/experience what is happening at each location at my memory palace. I’ve seen some people recommend using characters imaginary or actual such as Andy Samberg from Brooklyn 99, and they use these characters to go through the memory palace and then just imagine those characters interacting with everything.

Do you think that one method is above the other, and why? I have tried using the character method now for a couple of my memory palaces, and I find that it is useful to have a consistent person interacting with things, but I am wondering if it would work if I was the one interacting with the scenes, sort of like putting on a VR headset and interacting with everything in the palace. So for example if it were just first person, I would be the one flipping a burger patty or riding a ski-doo or whatever?

I would appreciate the input for anyone that has experience on these things!