19yo Poland i looking for training partner/friend ;D

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hi there , I’m adrian i’m from poland and i have been training memory technice for around 2/3mounts and i wanna start seriously workout , my present records are : abstract images 50/50 in 4min 7 sec , 26/30 images in 1 min (yea i did it on memory leauge ;D) , 74/74 digits in 1min 1 sec and yet few times i got 49sec/50sec 70/74 or 72/74 , okay there (in digits) is one cheat i was using only 10-46 compartment and okay is yet another one cheat every two digits was repeat only one time like in cards ;D so was some cheats ;x and I looking for someone who can speak english/polish and want regularly train it (memory sports , all competition not only competitions who i mentioned ;D and generally get understanding how to work remember and how we can use it in normal things) and have huge targets, we can talk on facebook/skype , maby we will have small chat on fb idk ;x BTW josh i know u will read it so 'd u tell me about how many places to every single competition do u have ? this mean for example alex mullen have a lot roads to every competiton and he one road only one time a week , as i see impossible is use still use same road several times a row because everything in ur head will mix , and the best is use every single road rarely right ?

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Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

I don’t compete, but you might want to ask in this thread:

There’s also another answer about locations for competition use over here:

And more discussions here:

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btw today i got 50/50 abstract images in 3min 16sec , lol josh so u don’t train wtf

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You can add me on facebook or instagram if you want, léo lebarque, so we can do some games on memory league.