103 random Word in 30 second can you believe?

Someone set a world record


That looks interesting. Is there more information about the feat?

They are using two different words in the description: “objects” and “words”, and 103 random words would be twice what some of the world’s top memorizers are currently doing. He should try Memory League. :slight_smile:

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that guy is famous haha he even didn’t reply my msg .

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@Sarojjjjjjj hi brother i am aslo Nepali. He is telling he has formula of 26 words or something like that do you know what he is telling about?
and Why he is not telling his methods to the people?

not really

might be that person is in fear haha
because we gonna broke his record

Apparently he’s also done 102 words in 17 seconds. https://youtu.be/LeD50FNCXPg. Although who knows what’s going on that video, before it, during it, after it. Looks ridiculous to me.

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that video guy is same guy which i have posted certificate earlier

Yeah that mind-blowing.
That looks impossible. Who knows what he is doing.

He has also said that he can memorize whole book (400 pages) within about 2-3 hours and can recite them. And doing that :exploding_head:. He is not telling what his method is.