100 basic english words “Rhyming substitute “almost 50% of all conversations .(verbatim poetry)

The 100 Basic words that make up 50 % of all conversation and my substitute word, images using rhyming method .
Remembering conversations
Connecting ideas and sentences
Remembering what you have read from a book paper with linking and story method without a loci until you want to memorize then you can use the mind palace.
a = Fa (soap brand)
an= fan
About = boat
Above = glove
Across =sauce
After = rapper (Eminem)
Again = champagne
Against = cement
All = doll
And = band
Any = penny (from the tv show )
As = diaz (# or Nick Diaz “ufc fighter)
At = cat ,bat ,rat
Before = boar
But= Robot ,walnut
Can= van
To come = bum
Came= flame
To do = glue
Did= kid
Done = bun
Each = peach
To find = blind (dar devil)
Found = hound ( game of thrones)
First = Usin Balt ( runner)
For = whore
From = gum
To get = jet
Got = swat
To go = snow
Went = 50cent (hip hop rapper)
Gone = pawn
To have = calve
Had = dad
He= knee
Him = trim
His = Fizz ( game )
Her = fur
Hers =furs
Here = ear
How = cow
I= tie
If = cliff
In = spin ( spinner ,spinning weal)
Into = flue
It = It the movie character
It’s = the movie character It ( double or triple)
To know = toe
Knew = beef stew
Known= phone
Like = bike
Me = bee
More = thor
Most= toast
Much = fudge
My = sky
Mine = sign
New = Gru ( the guardian of the galaxy)
No = pillow
Not = plot
Now = cacao
Of = dov
On = jon ( jon snow “ game of thrones “)
One = sun
Only = tony stark ( iron man )
Or = door
After = mother
Our = flower
Ours= flowers
Out = clout ( brand glasses )
Over = clover
Part = heart
People = steeple
Place = vase
Same = lame
To see = key
Saw = straw
Seen = bean
Shall= sneal
Shee = tree
Show = Tow ( tow truck)
Showed = Road
Shown= Clone ( naruto )
So = elbow
Some = plum
State = plate
Still = pill
Such = notch
To take = Drake
Took = hook
Taken = bacon
To tell = cell
Told = gold
Than = gun
That = hat
The = tea
Their = bear
Theirs = bears
Them = drum
Then = hen
There = hair
These = cheese
They = spray
Thing = ring
To think = milk
Thought = tot
This = kiss
Through = shoe
Time = lime
Under = blunder
Up = cup
Upon = khan ( khanacademy website owner name )
Us = bus
Very = fairy
We = wi ( the game console)
What = coconut
When = ben (ben 10 ) any ben you know
Where = chair
Which = switch
Who = bamboo
Why = guy ( family guy character)
Will = will smith
With = head ( skull)
Work = ork
You = cue
Yours = balls
Maybe I will add more later .

all= hole (black hole)


Wow, that’s a lot

Hi Artmemorylover,

This is very interesting. We’ve had similar conversations. I would like to ask you a few follow-up questions:

  • How has it been working for you?
  • How long have you practicing with these words?
  • What are you memorizing: live conversations? sentences from books? paragraphs? chapters?
  • How efficient are you finding it?
  • Do you have examples of how you use it?



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Thank you for the questions,
actually I was working on that all the week when I gathered the words I looked for away to transform theme to an image because the images are the principle of memory art , so all the substitute words are pegs now for the actual word .and because I’m not a native English speaker I don’t have problem to memorize theme both.and I know it’s going to work for me and for everyone even if it seems a lot of work to memorize theme at first time .
They are good if I’m reading a book, memorizing poetry,if I want to memorize verbatim sentences ,a full chapter ,just a paragraph ,taking a not from a video ,or live event , actually the first reason is that I was focusing on books ,I want to recall what I’ve been reading from the paper ,like if I finish I look away and I try to recall (the story with the links and association) I’ve made ,and decoding the words , And if I want to memorize verbatim or just some facts I already done the visualization part I only need to use my memory palace .I joined the forum to improve my memory for everyday situations and study,and everyday I learn something new about the techniques ,you have the right to play with the system as you want ,and we are here to share ideas and method ,if you have something efficient please don’t hesitate to share , we work here as a ( team = T = together,E= everyone,A = achieve, M= more).I hope I make it clear to you so you can understand. Thank you for the replay.

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Thank you I will check