10 loci * 3 Memory Palace vs 30 loci 1 Memory Palace

What’s better?

I am going to practice Memory League.

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It depends on what you are memorizing. I like to have all the same information in one palace if I can. I don’t know what card system you have bit locations probably won’t be enough so you would have to span over all the palaces. Having one solid palace gives you a nice flow.

If your question is about the Images game, at least a few top competitors use 16 locations and put 2 images in each location to memorize the first 26 images, then use working memory for the last 4 images. See this discussion in the forum about Memory League.

if it is three different small things to memorize, like three different sets of numbers, I prefer 3 with 10. If it is all the same thing like a card game, I prefer 1 with 30.
As easy as that. There is no better or worse, there is the need for a certain method when trying to use it for a certain subject.