1-minute words



I have been working on random words in 1 minute. Got 16, and now I’m having lots of trouble with the next level, which is 20. Usually I’ll forget about 4-5 words, because the image in my head just vanishes. I think the problem is because of the short time involved I’m not reviewing. Maybe I should set aside ten seconds or so somewhere to review them. Any ideas from you speed demons out there?


Do you use a memory palace? if so, try really making the images interact with the loci, most images that won’t stick with me have a poor interaction with the loci. Besides that I have no clue what the problem could be, have you tried 18 words?


Yeah, I’m using memory palaces, just one word to each loci. Maybe I’ll step it up to using two words per loci. At least I won’t run through my 300 loci so quickly! Note to self: must make more palaces!


Try working in columns of three. If you’ve got a Memory Palace with four corners, paint the images downwards in strips - you can experiment with upwards as well, but I prefer downward.

This words exceptionally well for cards and shorter foreign language phrases too.


Do switch to two words per locus, Tracy. That’s the way the awesome people do it. Words are tied for my most difficult discipline, but after two years of 3/locus where I didn’t improve significantly, my score jumped by 20% in a matter of weeks after switching to 2/locus. There’s no guarantee that it’s for you, but of all methods for words, this is the one to take most seriously before you are sure about how many words per locus are best for you.


Thanks for the advice, guys. I apologize for using “loci” when I should have used “locus”. And also, I apologize for using a forum that I now realize is meant for memory feats of three seconds or less.


What is the difference about “loci” and “locus”? I though that were different ways of call the rooms of the palace of memory.


Ha, ha. I was just referring to the proper use of “locus” to refer to a SINGLE location, and “loci” to refer to MULTIPLE locations.


Yay! I finally got 20 words in this. I did start using 2 words/locus, although it took some getting used to. I think I’ve settled on using a top/bottom approach, unless the words seem to relate naturally, when I can sort of remember the mini-narrative. Some tough words, though, like “retribution” and “impromptu”, that don’t lend themselves very well at all to an image. I’ve even come across some tiny words that I’m not altogether sure ARE words, like “cv” and “os”, with no periods, all lower case. I mistakenly capitalized “cv” one time and got that counted wrong. Ha!


Congrats on these results.

With words that stump you, try going for abstractions. When I think retribution, I instantly Repo Man dressed in retro booing like a ghost. Impromptu makes me think of an imp wearing a tutu (like that little dude from Game of Thrones).

There’s almost always an image or two available. You just need to go wider and with practice, this will come very fast whenever you need it. :slight_smile:


Hey Tracy if you want help with words send me a message. I guess I would say I am good with words. I managed to place third and break the USA record for words at the USA open championship. I didn’t even train for the competition but did well still.


I am using a loci system for words and my main problem is time. I currently obtain 10 to 15 words in 1 minute, mostly depending on how many abstract words there are. Could someone advise how to remember the abstract words more quickly? Currently, I am trying to remember them by personal association , e.g. to remember “wisest” I would use an image of “Saruman” (it might not make sense to you, I used this example to emphasize that it is a completely personal association) , to remember “clash” I would think of “my brother”, because he is a clash of clans fan. It takes time (at least a few seconds), because there is a lot of thinking.