1 Memoriad Addition Task under 45 seconds


Man, thats quite good!

I mean you solve one operation in an average time of 4,5 seconds. I need the same time to solve 9 6 digit additions.

You can be proud of your abilities!
Currently I couldn’t do that faster like you, althought I think I’m not really slow.

Keep forward,dude! :+1:


You must train!

I trains everyday, although I should say the best calculists are very ahead.

I only hope to catch them one day.

Anyway, thanks you very much for your encouragement!

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Are you add 1 digits at a time or in the groups of 2, 3 .
Like 38 + 57 + 93 …?

And if you know, what is current best time for doing 10 × 10 addition ?


I add 1 digit at time, and I think the best scores adding one digit at time are nearly 25 seconds.

Of course people like Jeonghee Lee does the calculation in groups of 2 or 3, so they are very ahead, maybe 10 seconds each task?

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You are very close to reach this goal!
You still one of the best of the world!


I use the Soroban to solve calculations.

I need for 9 6 digit additions/subtractions (I use both If I calculate several numbers among themselves for more variety)
probably 45 seconds althought I only calculate 8 6 digit numbers in a average time of 40 seconds.


How many hours at day you trains?

I trains 1h30 min

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Mostly one hours each day.
Sometimes when day was stressful I train only half hour.


Do you use Soroban at every addition task?

I tried to learn Soroban, and I had practiced for 3 months but I left it, because unlearn previous way of calculate was very hard for me.

I’m glad to see an European sorobanist like you I presume.


For addition and subtraction of course.
Also for 3x3 multiplication all above that is still difficult for me now. I’ve practised mental abacus only about a year.

In the case of division I’m unfamiliar with some rules, because haven’t found anything in the internet yet.


For divisions you can see this


Or be part of this forum of Soroban. Its free and there are specialists who work with soroban for years. Im in this forum too: [email protected] | Home

Join the group and ask whatever soroban question you would like.

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Thank you very much @benjamin1990 I appreciate your help!



@benjamin1990 ,how long have you already practised mental calculation?


I discovered mental calculation around summer 2019.

I take it seriously by February-March 2020, and I learned a lot of techniques and I improved my abilities to use them in late 2020, around September-October 2020.

So, I use definitely since November 2020, 9 months.

I must say that before I trained around 30 minutes a day though, now, since April this year, I trains around 1 h 30 minutes.


@Antelex and @Silas_2001: I will give you two tips whith which you will both speed up your calculation, and I think all faster calculists does the same, i.e.: starting from BELOW, not from ABOVE, because the eyes, in my opinion, are faster ascending than going down.

And above anything else try to ‘‘see’’ addition without saying them. For example 7 + 4 you should say inmediately 11, without think 7 more 4 give 11.

AND TRAINS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! although I think no more than 3 hours at day.


You’ve improved greatly, Benjamin.

Are you planning on joining any mental calculation competitions or perhaps go for any mental calculation records?


Well, i wish to participate in 5-6 years in the Memoriad Competition.

Its a project, maybe it will be otherwise.


Wow, I am doing the exact same thing like you said @benjamin1990

Looking from below to above and imagening 11 directly after looking 7 + 4 , 8 + 3 like…

13 => 7 + 6 …