1. MAA US Memory Open


Unfortunately we had to move to date to the 5th/6th of May. That is in the middle of the week. But on the other hand it is only two days after the XMT, so it will be easier for many competitors coming from far away.

Registrations are now available under http://www.memoryathletes.org/maa-us-memory-open-2015/.

The official location:

CBRE Global Headquarter
400 South Hope Street, 11th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071


The date will be the 9th/10th of May. The location in LA will be announced soon.


For 2014 I am planning the 1. MAA US Memory Open. I am in contact with the World Memory Sports Council to make it the first rankable WMSC championships in the United States. This is still under discussion and I don’t know their final decision yet. But I am optimistic that they can clear any concers. In any case the tournaments will happen, the demand is clearly there.

The format will be National Standard:

Random Words 5min
Binary Numbers 5min
Names & Faces 5min
Numbers 15min
Cards 10min
Numbers 5min
Abstract Images 15min
Historic Dates 5min
Spoken Numbers
Speed Cards

The championship will be an Open and therefor open for all non-US citizens.

To make the dream of a MAA competition true, we will include a full WCA cubing event, with official delegate. And also a version of the Extreme Memory Tournament (XMT). All three together will crown the 1. MAA All-Star. ore rules will be announced shortly.

Please contribute to our Indigogo campaign to raise enough money to make that happen.

Additionally I would love to present some ideas for interesting future team disciplines with a few volunteer athletes.

So please discuss and make suggestions.

If you want to contact me please do so under [email protected].

To some great competitions,
Florian Dellé | Memory-Sports.com

My votes:

National Standard

SF, Fresno and LA can all work

If we have it in Fresno, I can provide
School gym for free
A group of 10 or more volunteers
Trophies, medals and certificates
Prize money $150
Possibly get the local TV stations to come out

If we have it in SF or LA I will still provide
Trophies, medals and certificates
Prize money $150

Would the SF or LA clubs be able to sponsor a location/volunteers?
Do any of you guys have access to a TV reporter?


We should talk, because I’m already negotiating with several parties about a large competition in San Francisco. Due to the scale of it, I was hoping to have one other part of the project ready first, which has taken much longer than planned.

I’ll send you both a message.

National standard looks awesome. I have not seen a championship with such an awesome lineup of events. Short and sweet. That’s the American way.

If that’s the “national standard,” does that mean that N&F would be national, or are those two things unrelated?

Please do present your ideas about Team Disciplines. That sounds intriguing, and the phrase ‘volunteer athletes’ caught my attention as well. I’m pretty sure I want to be one of those in every situation possible.

I followed that MAA link. Is it a cult? If so, pass the kool-aid.

And I want to be completely clear about this – you are confirming that these championships WILL happen in 2014?

One final question: if the WMSC approves the championship, would we be able to earn the IGM designation? I’m so excited I can barely breathe.

@LociInTheSky: The Names in National Standard are international. The name "Names & Faces (5 Minute) - National " just means it is part of the National Standard. But you will get many foreign names.

I will present my ideas for team events soon. Good to have my first volunteer.

The MAA is an association of active memory athletes, to create an united organ and speak with one voice. We have the best athletes in the world in it, including the States.

I am confirming that at least one championships will happen, but the date is still not set. I am sure though they will still happen this year, before the WMC in December.

The IGM is the old GMM, right? Three disciplines, Speed Cards, Hour Cards and Hour Numbers? You will only be able to achieve the IGM norm for Speed Cards, at that competition. For the Hour disciplines you will need to compete at the WMC.

  1. Ok, well in that case I guess I’ll think of coming, you know, it just depends if there are any good shows on tv at the same time, since I don’t have tivo.

  2. Heck no! The IGM designation is newish though, yes. The requirement is earning a total of 6000 points in a day.

You mean to say that the US East Coast Open is something else you are planning to schedule in 2014?

Very exciting
We should ask someone to head up some regional interest groups

For example,
LA area
San Diego area
SF (Josh)
Central Valley area (me)
Pacific North (Washington and Oregon)
Rocky Mountain States

Loci where you live?

Lets start getting some interest
Finding out who wants to compete or volunteer
Carpool groups if necessary

We can start breaking down necessary functions like:
Necessary supplies/equipment
Prizes (me)

I can work on getting some interest in the Central Valley
I can provide trophies, plaques, medals, certificates some prize money

Lets get started!!!

I live in Austin. Maybe you could try to be more (very) specific about the kinds of things I could help with here?

Hey, I haven’t heard back from the WMSC yet, because they are dealing with the issue, that Jennifer Goddard just resigned from all her tasks.

In the meantime we could already talk about the team disciplines I am planning. LociInTheSky, I will write you a personal message. Everyone else interested to volunteer please contact me.

Hi Florian, I’d also like to volunteer my help if you need it. Unfortunately, I live in Mississippi – so I’m not too close to the West Coast – and I’ll also be starting med school this fall – so my travel flexibility may be limited – but I’d like to help in any way I can! Very exciting stuff!

Just contributed $100
If we have 50 members give $100 each we can make this happen?

Thank you so much for your contribution. We can and will make that happen. :slight_smile:


  1. Everyone can compete, not just MAA members. In fact we would love to see you compete and THEN join us. It is completely free but requires the state of being an active memory athlete. Competing at our event will give you that requirement.
  2. LA and November is very definite, yes. Although we haven't set a date and location yet.
  3. About all XMT-related question I have to talk with Nelson Dellis first. We will team up with that but it was still vague so we need to find the best solution. Regarding the training software I don't know yet. I hope it will be available for training, but we have to see about that.
  4. Yes, the WMSC event will be a fully rankable memory championship. Every competitor will be in world rankings afterwards. We already hosted digital championships in Germany and they were fully accepted. The overall MAA event will be outside of any WMSC ranking. So basically there will be a winner for each of the three events (well, cubing is each discipline on its own), as well as an All-Star champion. More details about this soon.

Thanks for the update, Florian!

I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. Do you need to be an MAA member to compete?
  2. I saw on your youtube video that it’s gonna be in LA in November. Is that pretty definite?
  3. For the XMT-style part, would we be able to access the training software prior to the competition?
  4. You’d still be able to get rankable competition points from the traditional memory part, right (even though the “winner” of the competition would combine all three events)? I saw something on your video about everything being digital (which I think is a great idea), so would that still be legal as far as the WMSC is concerned?


This is my promo video for the event:

Thanks Flauwy for setting it up and I really hope its going to be a huge success!

Yes, thank you so much. You’re a hero.

Is this the order that the events will be in?

Random Words 5min
Binary Numbers 5min
Names & Faces 5min
Numbers 15min
Cards 10min
Numbers 5min
Abstract Images 15min
Historic Dates 5min
Spoken Numbers
Speed Cards

Is spoken numbers 3 trials of 100, 300, and then 400?

And speed cards is the best out of two trials, and then all of the other events are just one trial? Is that right, or are there also 2 trials for speed numbers, or binary? Anything else?

What is the cube portion of the competition going to look like? What are the skills that I would have to learn?

The order will be pretty likely like this.

Two attempts for each Speed Cards, Speed Numbers and Spoken Numbers. (3 attempts for Spoken is World Memory Championship only). All other one attempt only.

Big Update:

Day 1: WCA competition and WMSC championship
The WCA event will be completely seperate from the WMSC championship. We will try to schedule in a way, that interested blindfolders can attempt at the WCA event in between. But since we will do all ten disciplines on day 1, there is not really much time left. So it is impossible to take fully part on both events on day 1!

The WMSC winner on day 1 will be the LA Open Memory Champion. This will avoid any confusion with the US Memory Champion and the USAMC from Tony Dottino. We honor his championship and its title.

While the WMSC championship will follow the National Standard, we will reduce the WCA event to the following disciplines:

3x3 blind
4x4 blind
5x5 blind
3x3 multi blind

(and maybe 2x2, 6x6 and 7x7). We still have to discuss that with the WCA delegates.

Day 2: MMA US Open
After internal MAA discussions we have decided to leave the XMT out of it. Instead we came up with complete new events of unique flavor:


Competitors may compete on one or several disciplines, which will all give points for the overall winner. The athlete with the most points will get the title MMA Memory All-Star.

We decided to leave blindfolded solving out of the compeition for now. It requires only muscle memory and therefore favors other skills than memory. But we still honor them and will probably host some additional blindfold side-events.


We have added some really interesting perks to our campaign:

20 $: Part of our community! You will get regular updates about new developments before anyone else! In case of you joining the MAA, your name will be especially mentioned on the MAA homepage and Florian Dellé will interview you for Memory-Sports.com. Get your interview alongside the interviews of many memory greats.

50 $: Significant Contributor! As a big thank you, you will get a signed autograph card from your favorite top ranking MAA memory athlete: Johannes Mallow, Simon Reinhard, Jonas von Essen, Ola Kare Risa, Ben Pridmore, Boris Konrad, Christian Schäfer. Additionally you’ll get the previous perk.

100 $: Memory Sports Pioneer! You really love memory sports. For your devotion you’ll receive a MAA Open T-Shirt plus all previous perks.

150 : Memory Fan! You are a true fan! Get a special 30-minute private memory training on Skype with one of our seven top ranking memory champions (see 50 perk above). These people have the best memory in the world. Which of the listed athlete will train you will be a decision of the team. Additionally you get the 20 $ perk.

300 : Grand Memory Fan! You are indeed a grand memory fan. Get a special 60-minute memory training with one of our seven top ranking members (see 50 perk above). You can choose your champion. Additionally you get the 20 $ perk.

2.000 $: Guest of honor! You are our guest of honor! Come and visit the MAA Open behind backdoors. Speak to arbiters and athletes and enjoy our stage show. And as a highlight have dinner together with the memory stars after the tournament or the next possible opportunity.

So please spread the word and share this will all your memory friends. We still need over 5.000 Dollar.

Wow some exciting new events
Awesome job
I cant wait…