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I have a horrible memory and so it must be trained :smiley: I would love to compete in real life ASAP! I will try and record my training progress and have it posted on youtube so I can brag about it :grin: Currently (February of 2020) I am training on my 2 digit Ben system and slowly expand to 3 digit Ben system before going for Shadow 2 card system. Wish me luck :flushed:


Hey Saw Yen,

I wish you good luck for reaching your goals. :slight_smile:

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What’s a 2 digit Ben system and why would you go from a 3 digit #ben-system system to a system that is based on #major-system codes (i.e., #shadow-system)?

well, I have finished making my 169 ben system images for Spade/Spade (I copied and edit it from my friend’s system), and it isn’t gonna be fun to wait another month or so when my system is finished to start practicing on numbers. Since spade/spade makes the "s’’ which is 0, I just practice it like a 2 digit system.

Yes shadow system is created by Lance with a adjustment to make it into a 1326 2-card system, but there is no reason why Ben system users cant use shadow system. All we need to do is to create 000-799 + 526 J,Q,K pairs images and walla. All you need to do now is to follow Lance’s explaination on how to cut image requirement down:

Version 2: Pick either red-first or black-first. From now on, that type of image will be the last image in every locus. Let’s say that you pick red-first as your ‘locus-ender.’ Keep linking red-first images in a locus until you get a black-first image. Stick the black-first image at the end of the locus and move on to the next one. If you get another black-first image, it will be the ONLY image in the next locus. Put it in there and move on. The problem with version two is that it provides no context for whether the last image was red or black. So if you forget that, you’ll be screwed 50% of the time.

I cannot use links so I have to paste it.

I have run a simulation for the average loci needed on excel and it comes to a nice 14.
My plan is to train shadow system whilst finishing of a full 2652 Ben’s system so my motivation do not get worn.

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